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We teach the family arts of Won Hop Loong Chuan, Pyong Hwa Do and Wu Tai Chi under GrandMaster A.F. Walker. Taoist Kung Fu

Pyong Hwa Do (PHD) is a traditional system of Martial Arts with both Okinawan and Chinese lineage. PHD encompasses traditional forms, movements and exercises along with practical self defense applications. Naturally, devoting time and effort practicing the art develops increased coordination and flexibility, as well as improving both the strength and over-all health and fitness of an individual. Through dedicated practice, students will learn how to defend themselves as well as gain self confidence, increased awareness, and learn respect, self discipline and focus.

Gung Fu Class Students begin by learning karate basics, including stance work, kicking, striking and blocking, and basic defense applications against various grabs, strikes and kicks. As students progress, they learn more advanced timing, complex footwork and movement more characteristic of our Chinese lineage.

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Won Hop Loong Chuan.