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Our Style

An Overview of Our Art

The arts we teach are Taoist in origin, not Shaolin, with forms focused on practical combat application and based on the principles of warfare. Unlike some other martial arts, we do not try to conform everyone to the same template- each individual is unique and different. This means that dedicated training will grow different people in different directions and that there is something for everyone in our art. The entirety of our Art contains literally hundreds of forms, including basic foundation forms, traditional Okinawan Tomari-Te karate forms, intermediate and advanced Gung Fu, weapon, and animal forms.

Pyong Hwa Do

Martial Arts student
"Peaceful system way"
The introductory curriculum is classified as Pyong Hwa Do. Students will learn basics including striking, kicking, joint isolations, stances, movement and self defense. Introductory forms include basic Chinese forms and exercises and traditional Tomari (Okinawan) forms. Typically, our style's Okinawan forms will look different than many Karate practitioners because they have a more "Chinese" flavor to them. The intent of the curriculum is to build a strong foundation as a student moves through the higher levels and into the Chinese art. To learn more about the history, lineage or curriculum of Pyong Hwa Do, click here.

Won Hop Loong Chuan

Martial Arts student

Our Chinese family system of Gung Fu is based on Daoist principles. It is a very old system with contributions from a great many masters. As students move through the introductory curriculum of Pyong Hwa Do, they are introduced to the more advanced elements - such as circular movements and transitions, of Won Hop Loong Chuan. As the student becomes more advanced, the focus becomes more on the Gung Fu timing and flow as well as the internal aspects of training, including principles based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For more information on the history or lineage of Won Hop Loong Chuan, click here.

Tai Chi Chuan

"Grand Ultimate Fist"
Generally given to beginners in order to complement and balance the "harder" styles we practice. Our Tai Chi comes from the Wu family and is considered Wu small circle. It consists of the long form, short form and sword.